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Camellia, Clover and Cumin Pickle

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

With the abundance of Camellias in bloom right now, it is the perfect time to make these pickled jars of deliciousness.

Do you know you can eat Camellia flowers?

For this recipe all you need is freshly picked Camellia flowers, you want to make sure you use them straight away after harvest as the petals are very delicate and prone to bruising. I love adding the red clover for the medicinal benefits, red clover being an amazing lymphatic herb with benefits of supporting your body to flush out waste, and supports the cleansing process. Cumin for its delicious flavour and its high antioxidant qualities, supporting your body by neutralising free radicals that cause cellular damage. Cumin also promotes digestion making this delicious pickle a great addition to any meal.

I love this pickle seed on top of my Cilbir (Turkish eggs), or accompanied with slow cooked lamb or Mujadara. There are endless ways to use it to enjoy the medicinal benefits.


~ 4-5 large Camellia blooms freshly picked with no bruises.

~ 1 handful of freshly picked Red clover blossoms.

~ 250 ml of WBV (white balsamic vinegar) or vinegar of choice.

~ 2 Tbsps organic raw sugar

~ 2 Tsp cumin seeds

Combine the WBV, raw sugar and cumin and heat lightly until sugar has dissolved.

Let the wet mixture cool, put the camellia and clover blooms into two 120 ml sterilised jars and pour the cooled liquid over blooms, seal and leave to sit for a few weeks.

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