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Homeopathic Consultation - Initial

Comprehensive consultation analysing all aspects of your health.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 229 New Zealand dollars
  • The Herbal Homeopath Apothecary

Service Description

Homeopathy is beneficial for people in all life stages. In this comprehensive initial consultation, with a duration of roughly 1.5 – 2 hours, Zsalea will delve deep into your current complaints as well as looking into your mental/emotional and physical health of your past and family genetics. As a Homeopath I am interested in the 'whole' person sitting in front of me so you will be asked questions on all your organ systems as well as mental and emotional health including fears, sleep and dreams, food desires and aversions and so much more. I will also look into any past trauma and family history. We seek to find the 'disturbance' that is creating the imbalance to support overall health and vitality. This consultation will include, Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis, Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis & Iridology reading. A full herbal and homeopathic, nutrition and lifestyle protocol will be individually prescribed based on your constitutional being. Two fortnightly 15 min catch ups and anytime email support is included. Lastly, in this consultation is a herbal and homeopathic gift package is included to support you on your healing journey. What's gifted in the package? An individualised healing protocol with your homeopathic remedy, 60gram of organic, wildly crafted herbal tea concocted by Zsalea and based on your protocol, a tincture or elixir and gift of the week valued at $75.00.

Homeopath, Herbalist, Natural birth, Postpartum, children's natural health clinic
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