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100% Organic  Dried Elderflower (Sambucus nigra)



Elderflower (Sambucus nigra)

  • If worn, elder wards of attackers of every kind.  Hung over doorways and windows to keep evil from the house.The berries, when carried, protect against evil and nagativity.  

    To bless a person, place or scatter the leaves and berries of the elder to the four winds in the name of the person or object to be blessed.  Then scatter some more over the person or object itself and it will be done.

    Toothaches may be allevated by chewing on an alder twig, and then placing it into the wall while saying: Depart thou evil spirit! Toothaches were once thought to be caused by evil spirits.

    Elder is used at weddings to bring good luck to the couple, and pregnant women kiss the tree for good fortune for the coming baby.

    Carry elder to preserve you against the temptation to commit adultury.

    Many think it is dangerous to burn elderwood, and some gypsies strictly forbade its use as a firewood.  However, magicians have used its wood in fashioning magic wands for centuries.



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