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100% Organic Dried Hawthorn leaf (Crataegus oxacantha)


Hawthorn berry is an amazing heart tonic and can be used in the form of energy medicine to heal the heart.


As a herbal infusion, Hawthorn berry helps protect against heart disease and supports coronary artery flow, circulation and helps ;lower blood pressure.


Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus oxacantha)

  • Hawthorn has long been used to increase fertility.  Because of this power it is incorporated into weddings especially those performed in spring.

    The leaves, curiously enough, are used to enforce or maintain chasity or celibacy.  The leaves are placed beneth the mattress or around the bedroom for this purpose.

    Carried in a sachet on a fishing trip, hawthorn ensures a good catch, and worn or carried it promotes happiness in the troubled, depressed or sad.

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