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Parasites and Chronic Illness

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Parasites. Its one of those subjects that most people want to run from but the reality is, if you have a pulse you will most likely have parasites. These nasty little critters are commonly picked up through contaminated food, water, soil and animals. Most people that develop parasitic infections are often misdiagnosed or their symptoms are left unnoticed until they get serious health problems, these can include, gut dysbiosis, , seizures, chronic respiratory illness, pregnancy complications and cancer.

Parasitic infections cause nutrient deficiencies within the host (you) as they feed off your food supply. Naturally your immunity becomes lowered making you more susceptible to chronic infections and disease. As they feed and live off you, they get stronger, you get weaker, your nutrient supply is diminished and your mental, emotional and physical health is compromised.

Parasites have been found in stool, nasal mucous, phlegm, menstrual blood and cancer tumours. The have been found attached to the uterus and wrapped around ovaries of the host. Recently, what doctors thought was a brain tumour, they discovered was actually a large parasite nestled in the brain.

Parasite cleansing through detox
Tapeworm Parasite

Are you struggling to conceive?, have had recurrent miscarriages?, endometriosis?, PCOS?, hormone imbalances? or other chronic illnesses like pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, wheezing, diahorrea, abcesses, lymphedema, dermatitis, inflammation, have had the recent jibby?, itching to name a few? If you suspect parasites to be the root of your symptoms, you should consider a parasite cleanse and detox.

The Herbal Homeopath full moon parasite cleanse is designed to start gradually for the first 7 days, then ramps up around the full moon for 7 days when parasites emerge and become their most active, the final 7 days the cleanse continues to eliminate, detox at cellular level and promotes healing.

Detoxing parasites through herbal preparations, homeopathic remedies, binders, vibrational sounds, seeds, spices and oils and lastly a parasite cleanse eating plan; can naturally and effectively eliminate these health destroying creepy crawlies.

As discussed above, parasites can be the underlying factor to many chronic health problems including infertility and cancer. If you have a microbiome imbalance, chronic gut dysbiosis or a compromised immune system, parasites in that kind of environment are most likely to multiply, invading every organ and orifice, suppressing your immune system to the point of collapse.

Is your health suffering?

Do you want to start eliminating the root cause of disease?

Click below to learn more about our parasite cleanse and herbal through detox.

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