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Rose Fermented Honey

This delicious honey is SO easy to make and SO delicious, it also gives you the benefits of Rose, Manuka honey and natural fermentation. It is perfect drizzled through yoghurt, on pancakes, in moon milks, smoothies, in soda water, or simply bottled using a dropper, placing a few drops on the tongue as a herbal elixir, the list is endless.

Rose Fermented Honey Recipe

~ 1 cup of organic freshly picked rose flower petals

~ 1 handful of organic rose hips (optional otherwise 1/2 cup of rose flower petals)

~ 1 3/4 cup raw native honey.

~ 1/4 cup distilled water

~ 1 700/1000ml glass jar with lid

Place the rose petals and hips into a clean glass jar.

Pour the honey over the petals and hips.

Add the filtered water and mix thoroughly.

Seal the jar and leave in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.

Shake the jar daily and ensure the blossoms are covered in honey.

Burp the jar every week by opening it to release any gases.

After 2-3 months, strain the honey to remove any petals and hips.

Store in another glass jar and refrigerate.


~ Pick flower petals in the morning, do not wash as this takes away the natural yeast used for fermentation.

~ I use a raw native honey with Manuka, Manuka and Rewarewa.

~ "Burping" means to release gas build up which is normal in natural fermentation.

~ Children under one year should not consume honey.

~ If your honey looks or smells "funny", don't consume.


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